Why Should You Do a Bungy Jump At Least Once?

Well, you must have watched some videos on Facebook or Youtube, in which a person jumps from a high bridge like structure with their legs tied with some sort of long rope. I don’t know what you usually feel when you see that type of videos or photos. Maybe inspiration? Fear? Surprise? Guilt? Hatred? Or what you feel simply depends upon the person who did it or the state of your mind, right? Whatever you feel, it’s totally natural, so just chill. After all, they are all showing off. Isn’t that what everyone does in social media these days? But again, showing off isn’t always a bad thing, right? As long as you won’t feel ashamed of what you post now, it’s worth it. At least, that is how I understand things.

I also posted a video and some photos of me doing a Bungy Jump some time ago. Honestly speaking, it was also a show-off and it felt great as well :D. But that’s not the primary reason why I did it. I hate to mention this, but I usually notice things people do just for the sake of showing off in their social pages. I truly hope you aren’t one of those people, who skip real life while living an ideal life in some hypothetical world. I feared I was also one of those people, so to verify it, I took the “Jump”. And boy, I never felt so ALIVE as when I was falling. That’s the main reason why I did it and why I think you should too.

In this age of technology, we’ve got almost everything we need in our finger tips. This advancement has made every aspects of our lives easier. But does easier always mean better? I mean it is easier to just sit and do nothing while floating on the boat with a hole. It is also easier to stay in safety and judge the ones who are fighting our battles. And it is always easier to keep yourself inside your comfort zone, but is it better for you? I think we should always ask this question to ourselves whenever we prefer to do something easier. Actually, technology is here to take care of our minor problems so that we, the intelligent being, can solve the major problems to make a better world. However, very few of us understand this and take technologies for granted to live an idle life. Doing Bungy Jump didn’t make me realize this, but it did help me to understand the worthiness of stepping out of my comfort zone and overcoming my FEAR. I tell you it isn’t an easy endeavor, but it’s much much better for you.

Then there is the matter of time. How often do you feel like you’re just turning the next (same) page of your life? You remember that there are only limited number of these pages, right? And it is also entirely possible that any of these pages can be the last one. I know you know it, but I also know that you tend to forget it or ignore it. But I’m not gonna be the one to judge. After all, it’s your life and how you turn over each of your page is entirely your call. Honestly, I also did the same. But when I was going through the fall (it was just few seconds), my entire life flashed in my mind. I had already let go of myself by jumping from the edge. I had already embraced my fear and was facing it directly. The adrenaline generated inside me and the wind rushing around me, cleared my mind and slowed the TIME for me. A few seconds of fall was long enough to make me remember everything important in my life. You might not realize it immediately, but it’ll come to you in time and you’ll understand what I mean. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last, but not the least, there’s the importance of learning to Let It Go. It’s one of the most difficult thing, isn’t it? Whether it’s our ego, pride, anger, hatred, possession, or anything else we like to clutch, it is always very difficult to let it go. It is also equally difficult to lose your self-control and let yourself go along the natural forces. Until you don’t fully let yourself go, you’ll never see what’s there on the other side. I think doing a Bungy Jump can also help you with that.

These are just my personal experiences of doing a Bungy Jump and it isn’t necessary that everyone will or should feel the same way. It is quite possible that you’ll have totally different reasons and experiences than mine. I might have taken few explanations too far to comprehend, but the basic points remain the same. I strongly believe that Bungy Jumping should be in everyone’s bucket list and should be checked ASAP. Honestly, I cannot wait to do it again! Seriously, you’ve nothing to lose from it, but a whole new outlook in life to gain from it. It’s one of the best fun I had. Good Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚


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